The adoption of Eco-friendly measures is on the forefront of global business following the recent Climate Change meeting in Paris. All industries must transition to a low-carbon feasible & affordable future. The outdoor advertising industry is no different.

The industry itself is going through somewhat of a resurgence, according to the Financial Times, many conventional advertising channels such as print, newspapers, magazines have suffered due to the digital revolution, however spending on outdoor advertising grew by 3% in the last year to bypass the 1 billion mark for the first time.

Such shifts in socio economic terms opens up doors for companies who can tackle both the concerns of cutting costs and also having a beneficial impact on the environment. One of those companies is Enterprise Ireland client and High potential Start Up Solar Advertising Technologies. Solar AdTek provide solar powered LED lighting systems for the illumination of outdoor advertising displays such as bus shelters and billboards. The system combines a proprietary Solar Control Unit and customized LED lighting modules with efficient solar panels and batteries to deliver autonomous, reliable and cost effective solar lighting solutions. Solar AdTek’s in-built mobile network connection provides the communication necessary for Real Time Passenger Information signs, Wi-Fi Hotspots, remote cameras and remote system diagnostics. Replacing existing fluorescent tubes with our bespoke LED lighting will provide an energy saving of up to 80% where power is available.

The Company’s CEO Eoin O’ Broin previously founded a company specialising in advertising signage design and manufacture , audio-visual and print media. Eoin recognised the global opportunity for the illumination of un-powered display signage and established Solar AdTek to develop a solar based LED lighting solution to satisfy this market.

The company have had good success to date in Ireland, mainly due to an incentive scheme for energy providers which emanates from a European directive. The logical next step for any Irish start up with a hope of globalizing their product is to tackle the UK market. They specifically targeted established multinationals, identifying they key personnel to speak to initially was a difficult task. They, like many other Irish companies leveraged the contacts they forged in the Irish market to accelerate to the process in the UK ..

The company is still in its infancy but is beginning to gain some traction in both the Irish & UK markets. This was exemplified at the recent Eco-Connect Cleantech Innovate Showcase where Solar AdTeK were one of the finalists. The event which took place at ‘The Royal Institution’ and attracted the very best of green industry, its aim to match the best the best companies with the best investors and industry leaders. The daylong event was hosted by Lord Bourne the UK Under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and Doris Leuthard the Swiss Environment Minister gave the keynote speeches followed by presentations from each of the finalists.

The proliferation of ‘Eco-friendly solutions’ like Solar AdTek’s to tackle everyday business and socio economic needs, provides a sense of optimism for the renewable’s industry. As the infrastructure around funding for ‘green technologies’ improves we can expect to see a new wave of innovative Irish companies scaling their business’s at home and abroad.





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