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Sector Lead in the UK: Shiela O'Loughlin

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Medical Devices and Phrma

The Irish medical device sector is recognized internationally as a source of innovative medical technologies with global reach with a large cohort of companies which can be divided into 2 groups;

1) Finished Devices comprises instruments, apparatus, appliances used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

2) Medical Sub-Supply comprises companies which manufacture components which are incorporated into medical devices or who provide services (e.g packaging, sterilisation) which are inherent in the devices.


The indigenous bio-pharmaceutical sector plays a key role in Irish exports with around 100 companies in the sector involved in exporting.

  • The company base has capability across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chain including drug discovery/development/drug delivery, manufacturing.
  • A further offshoot in Ireland has been the emergence of world class companies associated with the construction and engineering of pharmaceutical plants and the emergence of specialist companies providing control systems and engineering firms. See the engineering and construction areas for more information on this.

NHS and Digital Health

Digital adoption within the NHS has been slow. A new strategy was launched in late 2014 to drive greater use of mobile technology, with the overarching objective of creating a ‘a paperless NHS’ – digital care records across primary urgent and emergency care by 2018, and across the whole health and care system by 2020.

Other plans include tracking the ‘digital health maturity’ of NHS services and improving multichannel access to NHS-accredited information and digital services and apps, with health apps able to apply for a ‘kitemark’ starting from the end of 2015.

Additional areas of focus for the NHS includes greater personalisation of care, anticipatory care, giving more power to the patient via remote monitoring of long term conditions and enabling independent living

Planned Activity

Opening Doors to the NHS Seminar (May 2016)

Presentations from this event are available below:


Dr. Anne Blackwood: Innovation Agenda in the NHS

Karen Livingstone: Understanding the AHSN Network and SBRI

Alyson Brett: NHS Commercial Solutions

Dr. Bryan Griffiths: Digital Health – UK Landscape

Michael O’Shea: Introduction to ARCH

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