IoT Event date: Tuesday 27th September 2016

Enterprise Ireland has organised an event at the Microsoft Campus in Reading (UK) to explore IoT opportunities; showcase Irish capability; and to discuss partnering as a route to market. 

The Internet of Things (ioT) has been a buzz phrase for a few years now, but has now moved beyond the hype into the emergence of really business opportunities, as the world becomes ever more connected. This is opening opportunities for innovative SMEs who and large businesses alike. Understanding the way larger projects come about, where the demand is and where the growth points are, will be a key part of the agenda on Tuesday.

New eco-systems of integrator’s, VARs, software, electronics, sensor manufacturers and others are evolving. Partnership opportunities abound and are actively encouraged as providers look for scalable technologies, services and platforms.

As a nation, Ireland is supporting the evolution of the Internet of Things industry at multiple levels, particularly at the communications and sensor layers.

Regulators in the Republic are open to future possibilities and private investment has enabled (among many other projects) the deployment of a national SiGFox network and deployment of an industrial IoT test bed in Cork by Vodafone and EMC. Not to mention Ireland recently ranking 4th in the world for digital deployment.

World class Irish IoT companies include:

  • Decawave – 1 million chips in the field capable of finding anything within 10 mtrs.
  • Cubic – powering the in car IoT strategy of Audi and others.
  • Davra Networks – listed a one of top 25 IoT disruptors by CRN.
  • Advanced Field Solutions – IoT field service company, particularly in transport sector where customers include London Underground

There are significant opportunities for innovative and capable providers working within this sector. To tap into this Enterprise Ireland is bringing together a cluster of Irish companies with IoT capability. This event aims to bring a selection of that capability together with some key industry figures from the UK, aiming to identify synergies and discussion the creation of new business partnerships, enabling business to be won and projects to be delivered.

Find out more and to register, click here


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