International Selling

Enterprise Ireland runs a wide range of programmes and supports for Irish companies, their staff and management, to help develop international sales capability within your business. The full details of these are described on the corporate website, here we can share a small selection of some of the tool and templates that are used across these programmes.

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1. Market Validation & Market Intelligence.

Coussins Associates have prepared two Vlogs for use by Enterprise Ireland client companies

i) Marketing and Competitive Intelligence – click here – and enter this password: c0u551n5

Related tool:  Prepare Your Approach Template

Marketing & Competitive Intelligence (password is: c0u551n5):


ii) Quantifying and Qualifying your market opportunities – click here – and enter this password: c0u551n5

Related tools: Market prioritisation table matrix vfin and Segment prioritisation table matrix v fin

©Ricky Coussins – Coussins Associates LLP 2016. For further details on Coussins Associates visit their website. These materials are for the use of Enterprise Ireland and their client companies only


2. The Buyer Journey.

ASG Group have made these webinars available until May 2017. 

  • The videos can be watched or downloaded from Dropbox here (the files will periodically be updated with new research information)

    – Compelling reasons to buy

    – The Buyer Journey  (Related tool: The Buyer Journey)

    – Webinar: Key Questions to Ask


3. Strategic Selling Tools & Sales Hiring.

Vlog: Hiring (password is: c0u551n5)

Vlog: Winning Sales Opportunities (password is: c0u551n5)

4. Digital Business Strategy.

Numerous content elements from this module are available in the public domain via the Ionology website.


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