Trilogy Technologies first looked at selling its managed IT services into the UK through a channel, but after researching various options, ruled out that route to market and decided to acquire an existing UK company. Working with a corporate broker, Trilogy Technologies sourced potential targets and identified b2Lateral, an IT services, professional services and consulting provider. In 2014, Trilogy acquired b2Lateral.


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“For us, the big advantage in buying a UK business was acquiring a customer base, and the team who were there with local knowledge and local relationships,” says Trilogy CEO Edel Creely. Since then, Creely says the company’s UK business has gone well, and Trilogy’s UK managed services revenue has seen steady growth.


Creely maintains a positive outlook on the UK Market, despite potential disruptions arising from the EU Referendum. Trilogy remain “committed to the market” and plan to support their initial investment and grow further in the UK. Indeed, Trilogy see an opportunity as companies look to “improve their productivity and do more with less” for which solutions like Trilogy’s are essential.


Creely offered some poignant advice to Irish companies entering the UK Market:

“To do business successfully in the UK, I think you really need to be on the ground. Getting to know the market, taking advantage of networking and understanding the local business sentiment – all the things you would do naturally here in Ireland, you need to do there.”

You can read the full case study here.


If you are concerned about the referendum and the effects it could have on your business, Enterprise Ireland have numerous resources for Irish companies. We have established a helpline on +353 1 7272727 where our UK Export Helpdesk team will try to answer your queries. You can also email your query to the team on UKExportHelp@enterprise-ireland.com For more information on the referendum and how it affects Irish business, see www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/UK-Export-Help/

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